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About CarPartSource

CarPartSource was founded by a father & daughter duo who saw customer’s demand for discount auto parts and wanted to connect customers to recycled auto parts nationwide. CarPartSource serves the economical individual who is in search of tested used auto parts and exceptional customer service. We prioritize our customer’s satisfaction. CarPartSource specializes in sourcing tested used parts at an affordable and competitive price for our customers. In addition to that, we offer a full 1 year warranty which means if there is any issue with your part within that year, we will replace your part!

Our mission at CarPartSource is to make buying used parts online easier! Our goal is to make it a pleasant, stress-free experience for our customers. We have been in the used auto parts business for 2 decades and the online auto parts business for 7 years. We have earned over 800 reviews from verified CarPartSource customers. You can find CarPartSource reviews / testimonials from verified customers here: CarPartSource Company Reviews

What makes our company unique is that we care about our customers ordering the correct ABS assembly, engine computer control units, transfer case assembly, alternators, and more for their vehicle. We reach out to every customer at the time of purchase to verify they have purchased the correct part for their vehicle. If there is an issue with our customer’s purchase or our customer is less than satisfied, we are available to talk within minutes during business hours and we promise to get the issue resolved for our customer to the best of our ability ASAP.

CarPartSource customer’s love saving thousands of dollars by purchasing used quality car parts from us. They also love how easy it is getting in touch with us. We truly believe our customer service is unmatched and we take a lot of pride in that. We are always striving for our customers' complete satisfaction.

The main products we sell are ABS Assemblies (aka anti-lock brake parts / ABS Module & Pumps), ECUs (or Engine Computers), Transfer Case Assemblies, Alternators, and more! Feel free to call or email us if you don’t see your part listed on our website, there’s a good chance we have it in stock!

I, Natalie Wlodarski, am the owner & founder of CarPartSource and I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and provide you with our used auto parts expertise!


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