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How Much Does a Used Alternator Cost?

February 29, 2024

How Much Does a Used Alternator Cost?

How much does a used alternator cost?

Much like the price of used ABS modules, the price of alternators can vary, depending on where it is purchased from, the brand and year of the vehicle it is for, and other factors. However, in every case, the price of a pre-owned or recycled alternator will surely save you on costs for your car or truck repair. Here we will look into the amount you can save by going the used route – instead of trying to purchase a new one from your dealer or other local source.


What is the average price of a used alternator?

A pre-owned alternator costs a fraction of the price of a new alternator. While the price of a new alternator usually ranges from $300-$400, the price of a used one can cost between only $25-$150. As mentioned above, the price of a used alternator can depend on multiple factors such as: year/make/model; rarity (or how saturated the market is), the seller’s return policy, and length of the warrant – among others.


Is it reliable and safe to purchase a used alternator?

While it is understandable that many buyers may feel hesitation to purchase a pre-owned alternator, there are a number of factors you can look at to make yourself feel more confident that you are not getting ripped off. These include:

  • How long the website or company has been around?
  • Do they have a contact phone number/email/chat with a real person to support?
  • Do they assure each product has been tested before sending to you?
  • Is there a guarantee or warranty offered?

Many used alternator sellers offer an as-is product – meaning that if it does not work, you don’t get your money back. These alternators tend to be the cheapest available, however you have a larger risk of it not working. Typically the least amount of work has gone into checking the part is a properly functioning part.

Other sellers offer anywhere from a 30-90 day warranty, which is a solid option. At least this way you have that time to install and exchange the part if it did not work for your vehicle. However, it does not protect you if the item breaks down later in the year.


How is CarPartSource unique with its customer guarantee?

CarPartSource is unique in the industry, as it offers a 3 year warranty and a 30 day return policy. This means once you install the alternator into your vehicle during the 30 day period, we will replace your alternator during the 3 year period after that, if it malfunctions or dies.

Based on this alone – as well as the availability of a live and friendly customer service contact and a long history of supplying quality used auto parts throughout the country – CarPartSource is a step above the others for pre-owned car part needs. Even if you pay a little more than the very cheapest outlets, you’ll still pay much less than a new part, and you’ll also be confident that you are getting the best long term value.

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