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Can a Faulty ABS Control Module be Repaired - and is it Worth Doing?

February 13, 2024

Can-a-Faulty-ABS-Control-Module-be-Repaired-and-is-it-Worth-Doing CarPartSource

After an ABS control module has experienced enough wear and tear, its performance can take a turn for the worse, leading to worsened driving and potentially dangerous conditions. In cases like this, it is often asked whether such an ABS module can be repaired - either by the user or in an auto shop.


Can an ABS Control Module be Fixed?

The answer is that technically the ABS module can in some cases be repaired. It is not likely that a normal driver can do so - and it would definitely be best done so by a professional. However even with a professional, such repairs can be quite challenging for a variety of reasons, including:


1) The process to do so is usually quite time-consuming from the worker side, and therefore expensive. By the time it is completed, you will have a system that now has a higher chance of breaking again, when you could instead by a used one for a similar (or even cheaper) price. Click here to learn more about the prices of new and used ABS systems.


2) Having your own abs brake controller reconditioned requires sending the part out for repairs and waiting for those repairs to be completed. In that case, you may need to use another vehicle as yours may be out of commission for a while.


3) You need to find someone to repair your exact year, make, model anti-lock braking system. While there are some similarities in the systems, many people are surprised to know how much different the modules can be. There are tens of thousands of different anti-lock braking modules and pumps, and it’s nearly impossible to find someone familiar enough with all of these and their mechanisms.


An Affordable Alternative

One environmentally friendly and economically friendly option for ABS replacement is purchasing a pre-owned ABS instead. This means means recycling a discounted ABS unit from another vehicle, which has been tested and is fully workable. Used auto parts sites like ours offer parts from vehicles that are no longer drive-able, but their parts are perfectly fine to use!


However, you should be careful about where you purchase your parts from. Unlike most stores, CarPartSource offers an industry-leading 3 year warranty on our recycled auto parts and that includes pre-owned anti-lock brake systems. And there is always a customer service rep available to answer any of your questions - by chat, email, or phone.


Although we won’t be fixing your defective ABS unit, CarPartSource will provide you a good, working ABS module & pump and will guarantee that part for 3 years. If the part goes bad, we will replace it for you! So you will end up saving money, headaches, and time by replacing your broken ABS control module, instead of trying to fix it yourself.

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