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Yes, A Used ABS Control Module & Pump CAN Be Programmed to Your Vehicle

November 09, 2023

Yes-A-Used-ABS-Control-Module-Pump-CAN-Be-Programmed-to-Your-Vehicle CarPartSource

We get a lot of questions about whether a used anti-lock brake part assembly can be successfully programmed to your vehicle or not. The answer is yes, it can.

Here is one example of feedback a customer of ours had on programming a used 2008 Ford Escape ABS Module and Pump that he purchased from us:

I can now state with certainty that a used control module can be "re-flashed" and made to work in another hybrid Escape (despite what the technician at the Ford dealer says)! After swapping the original ABS control module for the used one purchased from CarPartSource, my repair shop in Evanston (north suburban Chicago) discovered that 2 of the rigid brake lines were obstructed. Once those lines were replaced, the brake system was bled. Then the technician was able to re-flash the ROM in the ABS control module and the brake system worked like new. The repair shop charged:  $100 for the initial diagnosis - $800 to swap the ABS control module & bled the brake system - $600 to replace 2 brake lines & 1 ABS speed sensor - $980 for the module from CarPartSource - $35 from for the ABS speed sensor = $2515 Gold Mill Ford, Niles, IL estimate: $6300

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